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Graco RAC 5 Switch Tip Reversible Airless Spray Tips Replacement

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Graco Spray Tip Replacement by Bedford

RAC 5 SwitchTips are high performance tips and are one of the most popular reversible spray tips on the market today.

Understanding the Size Numbers

  • The first digit is half of the fan width, the “5” in “517” equals a 10 inch spray fan width (5 x 2 = 10)
  • The last two digits are the size of the tip opening in thousandths of an inch, the “17” in “517” means the tip hole size is .017 inch

Speed Advice

  • Use smaller tip size when applying thinner materials such as stains and enamels
  • Use larger sizes for thicker materials such as exterior, latex and oil based paints
  • The larger the size of the tip hole, the faster the material leaves the gun
  • A 313 tip sprays faster than a 411 tip

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